Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation Part 5

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Driving out of Montana we stopped at the side of the road just outside of Libby because it was so pretty.  These are unedited except for some horizon straightening/cropping.

 Isn't the r-pod just the cutest little bubble of a trailer?
 We camped near Spokane, Washington that night, there was a field just outside of the resort/camping place that was absolutely beautiful and had the most stunning skies.  So my parents and I walked down there and they helped me with this shoot.

 "A Watched Pot Never Boils"

I wished I was 40 lbs lighter so I could have ridden in these little paddle boats! They were so adorable.
In the morning we left and drove toward Cle Elum, Washington.

 There was a grass fire right next to the road that we drove past. It got really dark and golden brown in the smoke cloud.  And the fire was so hot!  My hand felt like it had been singed after I took pictures through the window. It made me even more sympathetic for firefighters.

 There was a big storm coming through when we were in a town for lunch.  It was pretty crazy and I loved it.
In Salmon le Sac, Washington my great great aunt Clara had a cabin when my dad was growing up.  He remembers spending the summers there, in the cabin that my great great uncle built.  So we ignored all the no trespassing signs and walked past other cabins to get up to where it is.  All the cabins along there stole my heart.

 The man that owns the cabin next door to it was there so we went up and talked to him for a while.  He told us we could go and look in the windows and poke around, so we did. Lots of the things that my dad and his siblings remember being in the cabin are still there, like the counter tops and the old wood stove.

 Some of the cabins have running water but they still have outhouses.
 After looking at the cabin we drove down the bumpy mountain road to a lake with a really long name that my family calls Fish Lake.  There were tons of bugs at the lake and the ground was muddy so I didn't walk to far towards the lake, but I could see it! It was really beautiful and would be a wonderful place to camp, besides the bugs.

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