Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fort Bragg

 Mom and I went to Fort Bragg for a few days when the weather was super duper hot.

 The forest was so silent when we stopped, it was like stopping in time and resting, waiting for the world to catch up.
The ocean fog would come and go, making the world mystifying as it wished.  Walking out on the bluff we disappeared into the thin air, with the ocean crashing all around us and our ears humming from the cold.

 The fog stayed out at sea the next day, keeping the deeper ocean company while we watched the waves.

 Glass Beach has little marvels now, left over from the years past.  They sparkle in the sun like fairy dust in the rocks, hidden in a tiny little cove.

 Lighthouses feel like time capsules, like I've stepped back into the time I long for, when people worked for what they needed and faith was a moor line.

 We stopped in Bodega Bay on the way home for food and one of our favorite beaches.  It had grown foggy there and was so nice.  Going back to the heat at home wasn't on our wish list.

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