Wednesday, August 1, 2012

College Orientation/Vacation Part 1

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In July we started out with our new-to-us trailer headed up north.  We were headed to my orientation at Oregon State (go beavs!) and Montana to visit Aislinn, as well as around up north wherever else we decided to go.

 After the day of driving and day and a half of orientation we went to my great aunt's house in Albany.  I love it there!  She has a little mini mini mini farm, with runner ducks and geese and chickens!  I love the runner ducks, they're seriously the cutest birds I think I've ever seen. The way they walk around upright is just so adorable!

A while after we got there I went out behind the yellow barn and took pictures in the neighbor's field.  I struggled to accurately capture the lines of the cut hay.  This was really the first time the world has seemed bigger than something I can capture with my 50mm. The fact that the world is so big that I might not be able to capture it coupled with the fact that I had just attended my college orientation made me so suddenly afraid - a good afraid - for the future.  I'm not pleased with how these pictures don't capture the feel of the place, the way the light shone golden across the grass and the air smelled sweet, the faint sounds of horses in the background and the comfort that was floating through the air.  But everything is a learning process, and I learned something.  Lots of somethings.

Before we left the next day and headed farther north I went up to the barn and coops and took pictures of the chickens and geese as all the birds were let out for the day.  Some of them weren't too sure about the click of my camera.  They strutted around and pecked at their food and then when my camera would click they would move away en masse, coming back a few seconds later only to repeat the process.

 I know a puppy dog that needs a haircut.  What a cutie pie! Having her and Maggie wandering around underfoot made me miss having a dog around.  Though dog breath isn't the most pleasant thing, puppy dog kisses are so cute, and I got my share.  :)

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