Saturday, August 11, 2012

State Fair

My dad got cheap tickets for the state fair at his work, so after we got back from vacation we wandered on over to Cal Expo and had fun at the fair.  The first part of the day my friend Laurie was working so my parents and I walked around until she got there, then Laurie and I ditched them.  ;)

The longhorns in the barn were awesome! Their horns are so huge! And they could maneuver their heads around so that their horns stuck through the bars.  I was afraid someone was gonna get stuck with a horn.
This cutie pie (that I thought was a girl at first because I think all animals are girls until I see otherwise) let me pet him  and then the second I pulled my camera out he moved to the other side of the stall and put his butt towards me.   Silly thing.

The chicks in the Fur and Feathers exhibit were so adorable!  They followed our fingers up and down the cage (probably trying to bite us for pestering them). 

Laurie and I went on the Ferris Wheel - it was her first time on one!

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