Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation Part 4

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After we stayed the night with Aislinn and Deborah we headed toward Glacier National Park with them. We stopped at Hungry Horse Dam on the way and met some butterflies.  Aislinn and I climbed a waterfall for pictures (which Dad took and I don't have) and I fell down in the slippery mossy rocks but I jumped up so fast I didn't even get wet.  No joke.

 We spent the night in Kalispell and then went into Glacier the next day.  We weren't able to go very far into Glacier, there was a rock slide that was still being cleared, so we shopped around in Apgar and then drove to Avalance, where we had to turn around.  Lake McDonald is so beautiful, the view was stunning, and the water felt so good!

 After going through Glacier Aislinn and Deborah went back to their house and we spent another night in Kalispell before starting out toward home. Leaving Aislinn again was difficult, I knew it would be.  But I know I'll see her again soon.

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