Thursday, August 30, 2012


 On Tuesday I drove a family friend (and her friend) around Napa so they could go to wineries to look for business party venues and taste wine!  It was a whole buncha fun and I took bunches of pictures at the different wineries. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Winter in Expired Film

 I finally got some old film developed.  I love being surprised when I have no idea what is on the roll. It was expired.

 Two from Apple Hill.

Christmas lights out my window.

Four frames from the morning in January that I nearly froze to death taking sunrise pictures on the baseball field at school on a Saturday.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sun Chasers

In June Laurie and I went to Gibson Ranch to take pictures in the golden light. We danced with our long shadows and gulped in the sunlight, meeting horses and goats and a some geese. We talked about little red barns and friendship and our favorite silly people. Our boots clunked on the concrete and swashed through the grass and we marveled at how absolutely perfect it felt to be outside. We smiled too big at simply being, with space to run and animal sounds in the air. 
We like the country stuff.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fort Bragg

 Mom and I went to Fort Bragg for a few days when the weather was super duper hot.

 The forest was so silent when we stopped, it was like stopping in time and resting, waiting for the world to catch up.
The ocean fog would come and go, making the world mystifying as it wished.  Walking out on the bluff we disappeared into the thin air, with the ocean crashing all around us and our ears humming from the cold.

 The fog stayed out at sea the next day, keeping the deeper ocean company while we watched the waves.

 Glass Beach has little marvels now, left over from the years past.  They sparkle in the sun like fairy dust in the rocks, hidden in a tiny little cove.

 Lighthouses feel like time capsules, like I've stepped back into the time I long for, when people worked for what they needed and faith was a moor line.

 We stopped in Bodega Bay on the way home for food and one of our favorite beaches.  It had grown foggy there and was so nice.  Going back to the heat at home wasn't on our wish list.