Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gold Rush Days

Every year Old Sacramento travels back in time, covering the asphalt in dirt, the parking meters in burlap bags, and bringing in actors for little western themed plays preformed in the streets. The train runs up and down the track once an hour and there are cannon firings through the day.  There are more horses and carriages than on a normal day, clip clopping on the cobbles by the river.  I wish Old Sac was old time like this all the time, honestly.  Because then I would be determined to live there. 

 In the big grassy area tents are set up and there's a western tent town, with doctors and a blacksmith and everything else the little town would need. 

 The hardware store is my favorite.  It's there all the time, a little museum.  The shelves and drawers are crooked and filled with all sorts of everything.  I love how the brass fixtures stand out on the blue painted cabinets and some of the metal has begun to rust.  it just feels right. 

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